Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Are You In?

So I've been mulling over an idea. I know that everyone is busy this month, what with fun-time Summer activities and Silent Type entries due. Buuut...what do you think of maybe having a mini-NaNo in June? I have a feeling that a lot of you out there are in the same boat as me: navigating the waters of creative apathy. I get the feeling that should I have some sort of deadline, it will spur me into action on a more frequent basis.

My initial plan is as follows: No fancy web site, no word counters or wingdings or fancy reward certificates. Just writing your little fingers to the bone on whatever you want, then coming back here and bragging about all the wondrous words you have written. Drop comments with suggestions.

That being said, are you in?


Olympiaman1010 said...

I'm down but no trophy? Sadness We maybe could use the google spreadsheet like Cheryl's journal sign up to see who is in. Also beside our name and or maybe what we are writing about give an est. of word count to keep some kind of competition going. Just throwing it out there.

mpclemens said...

Last year I used summer as my time to really start harvesting ideas for the fall. It may be against the grain of a "pure" NaNo experience, but with exactly two whole NaNo's under my belt now, I feel confident in extrapolating. The first one I did seat-of-the-pants and barely squeaked 50K by the end of the month, with whole parts I just skipped over because I wrote myself into a corner. A boring, plotless, meandering corner. I hated it.

I tackled my second NaNo with ideas in advance on note cards, stacked in a rough semblance of order, and I crossed 90K a few days early. It was liberating.

So no, I probably won't participate in a free-writing thing for the month (also, vacation!) but I will be typing my happy little note cards, for the Great Sorting and Culling come October.

Little Flower Petals said...

Mike Clemens--*sigh* Every single time you talk about your planning methods you make me feel inadequate and inept and dejected. Just so you know.

Mike Speegle--I'd be up for something of the kind, though I'll have to think about what goals to set, exactly. Gave us a lot of notice there, didn't ya, bub? ;-) Actually July would probably be easier for me...but I'd like to maintain some momentum.

Strikethru said...

Aw what the hells. I'm in! I still need to write my how-to, though. How to procrastinate on writing your how-to?

Mike Speegle said...

Yes! Very cool guys! I was kind of worried that no one else would get on board.

Olympiaman: I have hearkened to the will of the people and present the following sign up sheet. As far as fancy trophies go, so long as an actual artistically-inclined person designs them, I will be more than happy to pass them off as my own.

mpclemens: While it saddens me that you cannot participate, your exceptional how-to has granted you clemency. Plus, I will secretly be counting your note cards as an entry.

LFP: Planning? Bah! I scoff in planning's face. I slap planning with a glove and challenge it to pistols at dawn. Then, I don't show up, because I didn't plan to. I feel similar disdain for notice and all their responsible ilk. We writers are like the wind, especially those of us who bang out awesome short stories about notebooks (wink).

Strikethru: Oh, a how-to is totally acceptable! Acceptable, so long as it follows the very strict rules that I will outline in a following post.

Monda said...

Count me in. I'll be giving writing workshops during the whole month of June, but I always write with my students. By July I have a mountain of scribbling.

The note card novel planning is amazing. I may do a note card or envelope freewrite every day just to drum up ideas.

Duffy Moon said...

Made too many promises to my local writing group; promises to keep plugging away at the 2008 manuscript, chapter-by-chapter, until it's reached the bottom rung of the read-worthy ladder. Wish I could, but they've threatened actual violence.

But Godspeed to you all.

(my word verification is "iller". whatchootalkin'bout?)

Little Flower Petals said...

Duffy, so far my plan is to mostly work on my NaNo story, too. I figger that counts. I really want to finish the thing. I'm still undecided on usual, I swing wildly between "Hey, I'm as good as *some* published authors..." and "Why do I waste so much time writing this pathetic drivel?"

Duffy Moon said...

Oh, well if that counts, I'm definitely in.

LFP: I spend the overwhelming majority of my time in that particular demilitarized zone. I believe that's what they call paralysis-analysis in AA.

(word verif. = "coecempu")

Mike Speegle said...

LFP: That's pretty much my default position as well. The feeling is most potent when:

A) I read published, mass-market crap. "Pfff...I could do this."


B) I read amateur work that is mind-blowingly great. "Oh dear God, am I outta my league."

Duffy: Good to have you on board!