Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project Mayhem 2: Manual Boogaloo

Here is the second installment of my "typing is public" stint.




As you can see above, I may have been a touch giddy due to the infusion of early Spring sunlight. Rest assured, I have since ventured back inside and reacquired my previous pallor. That was a close one!

In other news, I got my "big ass roll of paper." I was the picture of excitement until I opened the cellophane wrapper that it was in and took a cloud of rancid cigarette smoke full in the face. I find myself wondering if the previous owner was using for some sort of ashtray. And so, I must delay the gratification of typing on it to let it fumigate in the garage. Alack and alas!

P.S. How are your how-to's going? Only Messrs Clemens and Olivander are off the hook.


Duffy Moon said...

Well, if you're going for genuine On-the-Road realism, the smoke is a plus.

Olivander said...

Pour some whiskey on it for additional Kerouac authenticity.

Mike Speegle said...

You guys make an excellent point. Onward!

rad-tastic said...

I'm off the hook too you! Smoke sucks, I'm sorry.

Monda said...

I don't think it would be authentic without the ashtray smell.

I thought about it and rolling that paper into a machine is quite a commitment. It's not like you can get halfway through and change your mind, unless you cut it.

Promise me you won't cut it.

Mike Speegle said...

I promise that I will not cut it. It's carbon paper! I can just snip away the back copies for archival purposes while leaving the first page intact! It's the perfect situation, really.