Monday, November 16, 2009

NaNo Day 16: Say Cheese!

Being a big fan of cooler weather, I decided that I was going to head out and work on my NaNo draft at the plaza, busted arm or no. So I packed up senora Olivetti and we made haste to my usual spot, where I proceeded to hack my requisite 1667 words out one painful letter at a time. Mind, my left arm works perfectly well, and the right one is much better, but as you kids may well know, it takes a little bit of force, even on a Lettera 32.

So I’m plugging away when I see a shadow fall over the page, and I look up to see a cute 20-something girl looking down at me. Now keep in mind that I have a natural phobia of cute 20-something girls, so I was ready to grab my stuff and flee when she asked me if she could take my picture.


I was kind of floored, and somewhat resistant until she explained that she liked my typewriter and that Signora Olivetti and I made a nice couple. She wanted an action shot, so after she moved my drink and my phone, I bravely pecked away until she got the picture she wanted, at which point she thanked me and took her leave.

Strange times, I say. So, mark your calendars for today as the first day in the history of anything that a girl has asked to take my picture. At least, a girl who wasn’t related to me.

What’s that? Do I feel pretty? Why yes, yes I do!


Strikethru said...

You should have asked her to send you a copy so *we* could see it.

Mike Speegle said...

I should have. But then again, i was paralyzed with fear. In fact, I am kind of half-afraid that she is going to hold me up as a subject of internet ridicule. But she SEEMED nice enough.

...I think.

deek said...

Once that photo gets out, the paparazzi will give you no peace:)

Duffy Moon said...

Right now, hundreds and thousands of your readers are clicking over to Flickr, using the search function, looking for you.

Lots of them aren't sure whether to use the search term "typewriter stud" or "typewriter scary lunatic". Not telling which one I'm trying.

Little Flower Petals said...

Lots of them aren't sure whether to use the search term "typewriter stud" or "typewriter scary lunatic". Not telling which one I'm trying.

Oh dear....

OK, I admit, I did check Flickr for "Las Vegas Typewriter". And such like. Just...well...because.

Mike Speegle said...

Oh man, I didn't even think of that. I checked Flickr just now for "Las Vegas typewriter," and since I didn't know if I was outside of the city limits, "Henderson typewriter" as well.


So far.

"Hundreds of thousands" of my readers. Snort.

Duffy Moon said...

People don't take pictures of strangers for their own pleasure.

Wait, let me rephrase:

People who aren't perverts don't take pictures of strangers for their own pleasure.

(Today's comment was apparently brought to you by the letter 'p')

In this Brave New World, it seems the only reason to take a picture is to share it (I suppose it was pretty much like that in the Days of Yesteryear, too, just the audience for said sharing was smaller and specified).

You're gonna end up somewhere.

Which is either awesome or terrifying, depending on the state of your paranoia gland.

rad-tastic said...

I would say "sorry Speegle, that was me" but this post is so far down that it's a pretty useless comment now. And you already figured out who it was. Oh well.

Mike Speegle said...

Mike sees all comments, appreciates all comments.

And no, i didn't figure out who it was. Two different ladies, two different pictures, two different days. Spooky.