Saturday, October 15, 2011

Just in wood-case

Wood-case pencils, man. Can't get enough of 'em. Seriously, in the extremely rare case that I have extra walkin' around money burning a hole in my pocket, I either hit up the webs or find some excuse to swing by a -max or -depot to meander the aisles, all the while getting sidelong glances from increasingly nervous staffers.

Today was just such a day.

See, two years ago my sister, Christina and I met weekly to work on our NaNoNovels. One day she showed up with a shiny new Parker Jotter, all resplendent in bright pink. I asked her what the dealio was, and she told me that is was a breast-cancer awareness pen. This tantalized me because:

A: I like pens, especially the delightfully clicky Jotter.
B: Everyone likes boobs.
C: No one likes cancer.

Thus was born my yearly NaNo tradition: every year I buy a breast cancer awareness writing implement. The first year, it was the Jotter. The second year, I found a Uni-Ball Signo in pink. This year, however, I couldn't find a pen that met my exacting standards. But wait! Ribbon-pink Ticonderoga's? Sold!

So I brought 'em home, sharpened a few, and added them to The Box, the holding area for pencils that are currently in rotation. It was then that I noticed that The Box was looking just a tad full.



And to make matters worse? I also received a package in the mail today, courtesy of LFP's having done infected my mind with the desire to acquire some of these...


Double yikes.

In other news, if you intend to participate in the best contest in the history of anything ever, you have two weeks to send in your entries!


Little Flower Petals said... Ticonderogas? Sweet! I may have to hunt some down, despite my previously declared pencil buying moratorium. (Which, truth be told, I've already broken. It's my birthday this coming week. I'm drowning my sorrows in graphite and such.) The Ticonderoga ferrule does look a little funky with the pink...but they're cool, just the same. And that's a pretty pencil box. Mine is just a blue zip-up thing I found at Staples in the clearance bin a few years ago. It's more portable (I don't worry about tossing it in my backpack), but lacks pizzazz.

I'll be curious to hear what you think of the Blackwings!

And you put the guitar picks and the vintage General's Semi-Hex box in there just to see if I'd notice, right?

wordrebel said...

I'm a little tardy to the party but I've just now rekindled (bad choice of words?) my love for pencils. I happened past a desk at work where someone had a freshly sharpened one and the scent hit my nose - and I had to stop at OfficeMax on my way home!

I've written almost an entire short story now with one and I love it!

We'll see how long it lasts...I'm ordering a Lamy Safari as soon my wife gives me the okay! ;u)

Duffy Moon said...

Y'all need to stop. Seriously.

Little Flower Petals said...

Duffy, resistance is futile. You know you want some.