Saturday, November 5, 2011

A question of burning

Important things I learned during NoTV NaNo: It's actually important what kind of wood you buy for the fireplace! I have been burning whatever junk wood I could find until today, when I found 7.5 cubic foot bundles of birch which had been mislabeled at a lower price. MAN...does that stuff burn hot and well. My whole right side is medium-rare.

Also: it is scientifically proven that there is nothing better than lounging in front of the fire, reading novel research material, making notes with a fountain pen in an unlined notebook, and sipping cider with cloves and cinnamon. If there was, it would be prohibited by federal law.


Bill M said...

Ah, a fire and some cider. Sounds great & brings back many fond memories. All you need is a candle or kerosene lantern for reading and writing away from the light of the fire.

rad-tastic said...

Is there an addiction forming? Because, by the way it sounds, I'd never leave the chair.

Cameron said...

Sounds lovely!

Here in The Woods, we are about to install a wood burning stove (our former one rusted out in early '08).

I look forward to the last half of NaNo, fueled by the soothing warmth of wood. There's nothing like wood heat. Nothing!

LeeAnna Holt said...

I don't even have a fireplace. I'm super jealous. It's perfect for it now too since it is wet and cold outside. I'm in a cold, white-walled office entering edits into the computer on a glass desk. At least my books are here to keep me company.

Now I want to go home to my parent's brick fireplace.

Adwoa said...

Is there a wing back chair involved? That would complete the picture perfectly!

Mike Speegle said...

Bill: You know what you are? You're an enabler. But I like your style.

Rad-tastic: Yes and yes. I would spend all day there if I could.

Cameron: True that. Although, I'm not so sure about the wood-burning stove thing, especially with a five year-old en la casa. I burnt myself pretty bad on one of those when I was his age, and I'm trying to spare him the same experience.

LeeAnna: Brrr! I'm gonna go ahead and put an extra log in just for you.

Adwoa: It would. I wonder if they sell them bundled with smoking jackets and snifters of port?

LeeAnna Holt said...

Thanks for the log. My toes welcome it.