Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Typecast: 21 Questions

scan0084 scan0085

Linkin' goodness:

1. The Typosphere
2. Blue Moon Camera and Machine
3. In which I fix things in a manly fashion
4. In which I killed my faithful companion
5. Pen and Platen: Short Stories Written the Long Way. You should go buy it.
6. The Classic Typewriter Page


LeeAnna Holt said...

Can't wait for the rest.

Richard P said...

Nice technique for adding links to a typecast. And thanks for the link to my site!

Duffy Moon said...

I keep meaning to do the 21-questions myself. But now I'd be behind Speegle. Which just wouldn't look good.

Mike Speegle said...

Thanks, LeeAnna. I'm trying to keep it pithy and at leats mildly interesting.

Richard: I just use this technique because I never mastered embedding links in images. But once I do, look out, world. Oh, and the pleasure is all mine to link to TCTP; it has been invaluable to me in the past.

Duffy: Ha! That'll learn you to drag your feet; you have been passed by the tortoise.

Bill M said...

Great to read your answers to the questions. I like the links.

I dream lo-tech said...

You seriously need to beef up your Olivetti collection. Time for you to get a Studio 44 at least.